This expansive renovation included a combination of brand new spaces plus a makeover of some rooms to create the stunning, modern apartment you see here. Located in the inner city, but with amazing views of Sydney harbour, it was important the team at Blue Frog design a space that would unleash the apartment’s massive potential.

Unrenovated for many years, some areas including the kitchen and storage, needed to be completely overhauled but other areas, such as the skirting boards, cornices, flooring, lighting and paint were in need of refreshing to ensure then enhanced the final design. The main bathroom was fully renovated and a new alfresco cooking & beverage centre was installed on the balcony.

Lack of storage in apartments is always an issue and this home was no exception. A number of bespoke joinery solutions were designed and installed throughout the apartment to maximise every centimetre of storage available including a robe to the bedroom.

Central to the life of the apartment is the strikingly-bold black kitchen. With three large mirrors that collect and reflect light around the room, it creates an amazing visual impact and enhances the spectacular natural views.